Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan has been elected as Member of Legislative Assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir for the fifth time so far, and it was on his 4th stint as Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) when he assumed the office of Prime Minister. As Prime Minister he promised to introduce the concept of public-private partnership in the society with exclusive emphasis on equal gender employment opportunities. Introduced and institutionalized the vision of “Green and Skilled Kashmir” with special emphasis to bring in awareness among general public on global warming, environmental development, youth rehabilitation etc. Established various new State institutions for common good like Kashmir Bank, Kashmir Highway Authority (KHA), Kashmir Cultural Academy, Social Rehabilitation Trust, Kashmir Tourism Development Authority, Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) etc. offering equal gender employment avenues to Kashmiri youth. As Prime Minister promoted religious harmony among various segments of the society by reenergizing the concept of eco-politico and religious interdependence in globalized world by holding regular “Mosque Kutcheries.” Refurbishment of party cadres on more democratic and liberal lines by introducing constitutional amendments, allowing extra lebensraum to women political activists. Introduced new democratic dimensions among Kashmiri youth as Chairman of youth and students wing of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference by regularly holding elections and ensuring grassroots participation in policy making decisions.

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Sardar Attique Ahmed

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